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We wish to advise:

All music used on this website is original to, and owned by Australian Screen Music Pty. Ltd.
All music is copyright and is used on this website for demonstration purposes only. It may not be downloaded without the express permission of the copyright holders.

All or any performances by musicians and artists were paid for in accordance with the rates set forth by the Musicians' Union of Australia at the time of the original recording, for the original purpose for which the recording was intended.

As stated, these recordings are now used for the purposes of demonstraion only and any performances contained therein are used for the express purpose of indicating music styles that can be created using Scorpion Music and no monetary gain will be requested from the direct use of these demonstration tracks.

We further wish to advise that;

Although the music heard on this website is completely original to the writers at Scorpion Music, it must be stated that any similarity to any pre-existing third party music is purely coincidental and in any such case where a third party believes that their copyright has been infringed, they must contact the owners of this website immediately.