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In early 1978 Australian Screen Music was born in Sydney Australia.

This was a company that was set up to exclusively cater for film, television, radio and audio-visual producers in all areas of their music requirements. Housing the largest privately owned collection of production music libraries to cater for the smaller budget projects meant that ASM could produce and deliver the perfect music track for every production. For the larger budget projects that required a unique original score or individual music track, ASM produced everything from catchy and memorable themes to full orchestral scores.

In late 2009 scorpionmusic was born.

Under the ownership and experience of Australian Screen Music, scorpionmusic is now the "front of house" music management facilty. With the latest high end equipment and a fresh new approach, scorpion music has been conceived to offer to the entertainment industry an exciting edge in original music production. Combine this with the expertise of ASM, and scorpionmusic can deliver top class music scores and cues for any type of production anywhere in the world.